ABC Farma


ABC Farma Internacional is a pioneer company manufacturing and producing patches: transdermal patches, cosmetic patches, hydrogel patches, balsamic patches, etc.
ABC Farma Internacional is specialized in developing and contract manufacturing of products for healthcare and beauty, always using New Technologies.
Since 1996, ABC Farma Internacional is continuously searching for novel, original and exclusive products. In 2001 being ahead of its time, ABC Farma adapts the transdermal patch technology, already established in the pharmaceutical field, to the cosmetics world. A new concept of care born: PRACTICAL, INNOVATIVE, EASY AND CONVENIENT.
Then, from 2002 we incorporate Hydrogel Patches, Balsamic Patches, Occlusive Patches, Hyaluronic Acid products, Edible films, Strips, Foot Care Plasters and Intelligent Garments successively.
For this moment our philosophy is based on 3 main principles:
• Vanguard Technology • Proven effectiveness • Service at the costumer's measure
ABC Farma Internacional is synonymous with Quality, Innovation, Effectiveness and Technology applied to the Well-being.