Our activity is based on four fundamental activities. We deal with development, production and distribution of:

- Rx medicines – mainly neurological, psychiatric and dermatological medicines

- Dermocosmetics of Dermedic brand designated only for pharmacies

- Dietary supplements for women, men and children

- Natural cosmetics of Phenome brand available at Phenome shops and perfumeries.

Scientific research constitutes key part of Biogened activity. In technological and microbiological laboratories and under the guidance of various specialists, studies on new, effective formulas and improvement of current products are being constantly conducted.

Complexity of research on each phase of product creation – from recipe preparation through dermatological and application studies of ready products conducted both by Research and Development Institute and independent specialized research laboratory guarantees quality and safety of finished product, compliance with regulations and confirms declared effects of product efficiency.

To secure the best opinion of our company and safety of our clients, the highest standard of our products is maintained on each individual step of production process.

Production process at Biogened fulfils pharmaceutical standards of GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice). GMP means strict supervision and responsibility on each step of technological process from raw materials supply and their storage, production, packaging, labeling and finishing at storage and distribution to pharmacies. It guarantees customers’ comfort and certainty when it comes to the highest quality and safety of products. Our highest standards are mirrored in our requirements towards the suppliers we work with.

Quality Control Department is responsible for confirming compliance of all raw materials, packaging and finished products with specifications both physico-chemical and biological. It ensures consistency of production of every series.

Moreover, samples of all produced medicines, dermocosmetics and dietary supplements are stored for future reference to enable us to verify condition of the product when needed. Process of stability research is constantly monitored. This guarantees verification of product during the whole period of its validity.