bioXtract specializes in the development of innovative formulations for private label dietary supplements using natural ingredients.
bioXtract’s innovative range of dietary supplements includes:

Arantal® and Artiflex, highly bioavailable curcumin remedies for chronic treatment of osteoarthritis,

Nasaler® a natural remedy for the symptoms of allergic rhinitis,

Regulid Plus to stabilize weight and fight yo-yo syndrome and for natural management of metabolic syndrome,

Cognityl, an herbal supplement for concentration and mental energy.

All the formulations are patented and their efficacy is clinically proven by external research teams. All of our dietary supplements are finished products and some of them can be customized.

Natural plant extracts
The natural extracts used in our dietary supplements are safe and conform to the European regulations. We concentrate our efforts on natural extracts with high potential and improved bioavailability, such as curcumin, xanthines, quercetin, vinyldihtiins or allylsulfides.

History of bioXtract
Founded in 2003 by a group of entrepreneurs from the Agronomy University of Gembloux, and with support from the region of Wallonie, bioXtract is a more than 10 years Belgian company specialised in innovative formulations for nutritional supplements using natural ingredients.