Chantarelle Laboratory Derm Aesthetics


CHANTARELLE Laboratory Derm Aesthetics is a professional brand in beauty industry. Well known for the dermatological cosmetics, innovative and non invasive laser machines for beauty & aesthetics medicine salons also for Med SPA and  SPA Wellness.

• Preparations for innovative laser therapy photodynamic PDT
• Sets for laser treatments of thermal lifting and non invasive lipoplasty
• Wide range of serums for no needle mesotherapy
• Cosmetics for chemical peelings and medical features
• Sets for: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming, regenerating and intensively moisturizing, strengthening sensitive skin lipid barrier, sebum regulating for oily and normal skin, reducing irritation process of atopic skin and skin with broken capillary problem, correcting acne vulgaris and rosacea symptoms, also decreasing pigmentation and scars
• More than 90 products for home care for various skin and body  problems

The mission of CHANTARELLE Laboratory Derm Aesthetics is to join the latest world renowned technologies with specific scientific knowledge, and innovative solutions of aesthetic medicine for the design of laser machines, professional preparations for the most difficult skin and body problems for complex beauty care. The trademark experts take care of the spectacular, immediate and visible results that meet the requirements, even the most demanding professional and individual clients.

The preparations are characterized by the rich and diversified formula, also by the innovative application methods, that enable not only make corrections, but also reach the background of many skin problems. In cosmetics the active components are applied. Those that are also used in pharmacy, with high level dermatological aesthetics efficiency and maximum performance level.

Dermatological cosmetics and cosmetics of CHANTARELLE Laboratory Derm Aesthetics are designed for everybody who is aware of skin care. For this reason the company’s experts pay particular attention to the specific diagnosis, individual attitude towards the problem, the professional treatment realization and proper consulting on the home care. This complex process influences the long lasting result of beautiful and healthy skin.

CHANTARELLE Laboratory Derm Aesthetics co-operates with many partner beauty salons in the country and abroad. The company realizes the range of scientific-research projects in the EU. Many times the preparations and laser machines have been awarded by prestigious awards regarding cosmetics and dermatological cosmetics.