Cyathus Exquirere PharmaforschungsGmbH


Cyathus Exquirere PharmaforschungsGmbH is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2000 with its head office in Vienna, Austria. 

Cyathus Exquirere PharmaforschungsGmbH is a group of professionals with extensive experience acquired in the international pharmaceutical framework. 

Cyathus Exquirere PharmaforschungsGmbH invests in the development of innovative formulations of medicinal products as well as in advanced drug delivery technologies for the benefit of the patients. 

Cyathus Exquirere PharmaforschungsGmbH is focused on creating a network of reliable partners through licensing-out its products.

Cyathus Exquirere PharmaforschungsGmbH through the years maintained a rapid and constant growth. We view this growth as a challenge to continue to provide more valuable therapies, while making prudent business decisions for securing long-term success.