Dermedic is a brand created from the experience of dermatologists. When developing products recipes used the latest trends in dermatology and global technologies. By participating in international congresses and symposiums and fairs dermatological cosmetic Dermedic won the trust of demanding customers as an expert in the specialized care of sensitive skin. Dermo Dermedic are appreciated by the best dermatologists in Poland and they are happy to recommend.

They are dedicated to sensitive skin, allergic, and problematic, for example. acne, vascular, atopic or dehydrated. Show not only the effect of beauty, but also complement the treatment of many skin diseases. The main channel of their sales are pharmacy. The process of formation of dermo-cosmetics Dermedic based on maintaining the principles of GMP, which guarantee the highest quality of production.

Production at Biogened meets standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice - Good Manufacturing Practice).

GMP in the manufacture of cosmetics is a set of activities, methods and procedures to ensure the highest possible quality of production. GMP was originally derived from the pharmacy, and because the dermo-cosmetics manufacturer Dermedic a pharmaceutical company easily been implemented also in the process of formation. GMP is a strict supervision and accountability at every stage of the production process, from sourcing of raw materials, through storage, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, storage until and distribution to pharmacies, which provides consumers with comfort and confidence for the highest quality and safety of the product produced.

Dermo-cosmetics production Dermedic to use water
of the highest purity.

It is the result of water purification by reverse osmosis process, during which deprives it of any impurities and substances with potential allergenic and irritant. Dermo-cosmetics used in the production of water purified by reverse osmosis is important for people with sensitive skin, in particular for the skin of children and infants.

Advanced Cosmetic Technology in particular
dermocosmetics require close monitoring of safety and quality.

Brand Dermedic works with an independent laboratory technology and microbiology, which regularly conducts research on new, effective warehouses and improvement of existing products. By the Institute for Research and Development Biogened are conducted on behalf of the brand consumer tests to confirm the effectiveness of the preparations. The research and development uses the expertise and modern laboratory equipment.

Dermo Dermedic support the activities of dermatologists to restore the proper functioning of the skin, which are subjected to the high expectations of experts as to the effective action. Confirmation of brand trust is a broad recommendations both dermatologists and pediatricians. Additional recommendations of experts and independent research institutions are a confirmation of recognition for the brand.