Fennopharma was established in 2005 by experienced people combining the best knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and research complemented with business professionals. From the beginning, Fennopharma’s aim has been to enable success for its customer companies by providing products that are more than ordinary - products with a twist.

Fennopharma has hand-picked personnel with talents and personalities that complement each other. This makes Fennopharma a fun place to work, doing serious business - we hope this attitude will influence also our collaborators.

Fennopharma’s aim is to get success by providing success. Our business model is designed in a way that if our collaborators do not succeed, we are not able to succeed. Both parties’ success is delivered by continuous interaction and communication. Our visual identity also communicates these values.

Fennopharma is a brave company, doing things the Fennopharma way. We believe we have good insight on what’s going to happen in the markets through our wide contact network. Our products and other things we do might shake the balance on the market and might be seen as disruptive. But that’s why Fennopharma is the healthcare company with a twist.

We have ideas and the know-how to turn them into products with a twist

One of the sources for new ideas is to convert existing local products or product ideas into larger territories. We have a wide range of connections both in Europe and in China. We have an open-minded attitude for all kinds of ideas, but only the best ones pass our comprehensive evaluation process. The evaluation process guarantees that products have great marketing potential, a competitive price, short-listed preferred contract partners, etc.

All Fennopharma personnel are encouraged to actively seek signals for change and adapting to new ways of doing things. Fennopharma’s strategies are also designed in a way that we are able to redirect our resources in short pace, if needed. Naturally, all the reassessments we do must be in line with our VISSION - delivering more value.

Ensuring cost-efficient and smooth product flow

Fennopharma’s product development and manufacturing operations are based on smooth and reliable project management and the selection of the best-suited development and manufacturing partners. Naturally, the first priority in selecting partners is a high quality of operations and products complemented with true service spirit.

We call our products “Healthcare products with a twist”. One way to deliver “Twist” or additional value is cost-efficient manufacturing. With a wide network, and at the same time selection of a few reliable preferred partners, we are experts in finding reliable and cost-conscious manufacturers. However, we don’t think that this is enough: we want to deliver value with ideas that are not limited by existing product categories or other boundaries. In many cases, our products bend or even break boundaries of the product categories.

Process, the Fennopharma way:
1. We take a product or product idea
2. We consider how to make it better and/or with lower cost
3. We add a twist
4. We designing smooth product development, registration and manufacturing operations.
5. We invest in quality assurance to ensure high quality and safe products
6. Finally, we deliver the product with a competitive price and new marketing angle to our customers.

Ensuring products to fit markets and reach suitable companies

Marketing is the very core of the Fennopharma strategy. We have a wide perspective in marketing and as a healthcare product development company, our aim is to provide products that have solid claims and advanced features. This is done to ensure successful end-customer marketing by our collaborators.

Our business model is shaped in such a way that we will only succeed if our collaborators succeed. So, we are not only aiming to meet our customers’ needs in every part of our operations but it is the only way to do business in the Fennopharma way. We are passionate in bringing more value than expected. Value is delivered with products that fit changing markets before others have even realised the change and having true service spirit in everything we do.

We want to know our existing and most potential customers so well that we not only propose products they want but also products they need.