Loring SAU


Products Loring SAU is the number one Spanish manufacturer and distributor of Prescription Reading glasses, with more than 15,000 pharmacies in Spain and Portugal that market their products. At the same time, it is one of the main references in the market Sunglasses, sold in pharmacies.


Products Loring SAU was founded in 1994 with the clear intention of representing a sales force of impact and a constant presence in the Spanish pharmaceutical market, distributing Reading Glasses Loring, through a commercial network that reaches the latest and most varied pharmacies.


Our priority is to get the highest quality and establish procedures for monitoring of quality to ensure compliance, high above the requirements of R. D. 1591/2009 of 16 October, the Ministry of Health, which develops the Directive EU 2007/47/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 September 2007, which regulates medical devices for placing on the market.

Our technical manager Jesús Echarri, (Bachelor of Pharmacy and Diploma in Optics) established the protocol for the tests in our lens and aspherical organic material.


The key to success and mission of Products Loring S.AU. lies in the quality of our products and the effectiveness of our customer services. The preassembled reading glasses  brand Loring exceed the quality standards required by the Spanish and EU regulations on medical devices. Ensuring safety, Loring puts all its products to strict procedures of monitoring of quality, which were once supported by the prestigious Bobes SA Laboratory, engaged by the enterprise for such purpose. The methodology for conducting such tests is from the system of quality assurance, expressed in the quality manual of the laboratory.