Pharmann Ltd is a private family-owned company operating in pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, nutritional and medical device sectors. Its owners are pharmacists with more than 20 years' experience in innovative technologies and clinical trials. The company is based inLodz,Poland(a member of the European Union since 2004) and operates in the Middle East, the Far East,South Americaand the EU.

Pharmann deals with Research and Development, production and marketing of Dermatology/Aesthetic products: Dermocosmetics, Nutritions, Medical Devices (also available as third-party production). Pharmann develops, registers and sells through local distributors its product to many countries around the world. The company holds licensing and distribution agreements with several major international and local companies. 

Pharmann products incorporate the latest biotechnology of  proteins, growth factors and modern systems penetrating the skin. Most of its current turnover is generated by its original products from its own R&D.