Nature is our inspiration. Our skin care products are formulated almost exclusively with remarkably effective, natural and organic active ingredients combined with life-giving plant waters. We do not use any of the synthetic compounds commonly used in the cosmetics industry that are detrimental to our planet and, as the latest research suggests, may also be detrimental to our health.


According to Phenomé trusting in Nature does not mean a return to traditional, simple cosmetic manufacturing technologies. We make use of the latest scientific knowledge concerning the needs of the skin, innovative clean plant extraction technologies, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that meet pharmaceutical standards.


Most importantly, we treat Nature like we would our best friend. Drawing on its resources, we make sure we do no harm Nature or anyone else involved in the manufacture of our products. This is why most of the renewable plant-sourced raw materials we utilize originate from ecological plantations, and the communities which grow the plants for us receive fair prices for their produce. At the same time, we make every endeavor not to upset the balance of the natural environment when manufacturing, distributing and selling our products.

These issues are of key importance to us. They are so important that they have become our mission.


Phenomé is also a way of dealing with everyday life; an unending search for moments worth remembering; a search for inner balance, a feeling of well-being, and harmonious development.

These were the values that guided us while building the Phenomé brand and stores.